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Mechanized Airlock that is open but closed

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

If you send a red signal at the moment the Mechanized Airlock finishes its opening action, it will be open but jammed inside.


I think this is a bug that can occur in any system that uses a sensor signal as a trigger to control the opening and closing of a Mechanized Airlock.
For example, in my NG gas generation system, this bug often interferes with the flow of sour gas.



I'm checking this in the DLC environment, so I haven't confirmed if this occurs in the base game. However, I remember seeing similar Mechanized Airlock clogging a few times in the past, so it may be a bug from the base game.


I have prepared a save data for the reproduction test.
We will do a brute force test in 0.1 second increments, so we can confirm that the bug occurs in a Mechanized Airlock somewhere. Where it happens may probably depend on your hardware environment.



Steps to Reproduce

Please check the save data I uploaded for reproduction testing.
You can check the bug by operating the switch as shown in the video.

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