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Mechanized airlock disappeared when polluted ice debris melted inside it

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I have searched for same bugs, but haven't found any. See images. Debris of P Ice inside airlock (<1000 kg). After some time there is no more airlock nor materials it was made of. I haven't study this much, sorry. Anyway save file is included. I have discovered it on 537329. And on 544519 this bug is there as well.




Steps to Reproduce

Please check save file. It was saved ~dozen seconds before it happened.

User Feedback

On 2/24/2023 at 7:32 AM, asurendra said:

How do you force debris inside airlock? O_o

Open airlock by automation, drop debris (with automatic dispenser for example), build top tile, close airlock by automation. This way heat exchange between debris and tiles is much much faster.

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