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Materials Study Terminal issue

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There are often two issues with Materials Study Terminal ("MST") errands when dupe gets hit by radbolt during research.

1) no new errand is created after refilling MST with new batch of radbolts

2) dupe animation freezes after hit animation and does not return to MST animation

It cannot be unstuck by manual or automation MST disable/enable.

It can be unstuck by cutting power line and reconnecting power to MST again.



Steps to Reproduce

fill terminal with 100 radbolts ( I did it by single precise shot), have dupe run research, hit that dupe with another radbolt (whatever overflows MST)

Dupe animation freezes but it finishes research normaly. MST is used down to 0 radbolts

refill MST with another 100 radbolts (again I did it by single precise shot). Errand list of MST stays empty even when showing 100 radbolts available, research unfinished and dupe available to continue if needed.

most often happens when research dupe goes to sleep before MST is refilled again.

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