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macOS Install - "Disk Write Error" due to conflicting MainMenu.nib

Ryan K
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Installing ONI with the DLC via Steam on macOS (tested on 11.0.1, Big Sur, with a case-insensitive APFS file system) fails; this appears to be because it tries to create both a file and a directory with the same name: OxygenNotIncluded.app/Contents/Resorses/MainMenu.nib

Steps to Reproduce

I attempted a fresh install of the game, including the DLC, via Steam on macOS 11.0.1 (Big Sur), on a case-insensitive APFS file system.  This failed toward the end of the download: The Library page simply displayed "download paused", but the Downloads page showed a "disk write error"; hovering over this error indicated that the file "[steam dir]/steamapps/downloading/457140/OxygenNotIncluded.app/Contents/Resources/MainMenu.nib" was responsible.

At this point, the path did exist on my system, but as a directory containing two other files, rather than a regular file.  Deleting it allowed the download to complete, at which point Steam displayed a "files missing" error.  Clicking the install button again led to a "disk write error" once again, this time indicating one of the files that had previously existed within the MainMenu.nib folder.

I was able to successfully install the game by unchecking the DLC, installing, and then re-checking it.

I've been able to reproduce this behavior several times across ONI uninstalls, Steam restarts, and reboots.

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