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Liquid Meter Valve counts 2x the liquid it outputs

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I've noticed that the liquid meter valve only seems to output a packet of liquid every other second, thus leaving a gap between every packet sent out. However, the meter seems to count the "empty" packet in-between outputs, too, therefore making it inaccurately count double the actual amount sent out the output pipe.


I don't remember the meter valves even staggering the output flow a few updates ago, so I feel like that might also be a bug, or part of this same bug. Notice how in the screenshots below (taken sequentially) that the counter goes up by 20kg between screens, yet there is only 10kg sent out the pipe.

UPDATE: I've come to notice this only happens when the input to the meter valve is on a branch of the input flow. When the input to the meter valve is the very end of the path with no other inputs it can flow to, this doesn't happen and the output happens every second, rather than every other second and it counts the output properly.






Swanky Spaceprison Cycle 1253.sav

Player.log DxDiag.txt


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Connect a full liquid pipe to a liquid meter valve intake AND another input further down the line
  2. Power it and set the limit to 20kg or higher
  3. Have liquid get sent out the valve once every other second
  4. Notice how the counter counts double the actual amount sent out the liquid meter valve.

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