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How do you launch SO from EGS version?

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I purchased SO DLC from EGS however I don't see any extra main menu buttons or any indication that it has SO installed. EGS library shows the DLC though and the game updated...

Steps to Reproduce

Launch ONI from EGS


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Hi @metronome,

After purchasing the DLC through EGS when you next launch Oxygen Not Included through EGS you should see an Activate DLC button in the main menu.


Clicking that will relaunch the game with Spaced Out! enabled.

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Ok I found the button hiding under 'quit' on my 1080p screen it's totally hidden as you only show up to quit when fullscreen. To see this I had to put it into window mode, set windows display to 100% scaling and turn hide the taskbar, as you can see it's pushed waaaay down....

Probably you can reduce the game logo and raise the menu right up as it doesn't scale properly.




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