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Glass is not available for building anything

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Hey Klei,

in my last playthrough I built a glass forge and manufactured some glass. 

Everything seemed to be in order. 

I can pick it up, move it around and even put it in storage (screenshot).

BUT the glass is not listed under resources (screenshot). 

Also I cannot build anything with it (solar panel)

I tried to build different glass forges on different planets. 

I tried cooling the glass. 

Reinstalled ONI and started from another save. 

Nothing helped. So please fix this or tell me what I did wrong...

Thank you guys!


Steps to Reproduce

Use my save game and manufacture some glass. 

Then try to use it on anything.


User Feedback

Update: Somehow I can start building again. Still the glass does not show up in the resources list...

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I just stumbled upon this old thread while having the same problem. Perhaps someone else googles it, so here is the solution:


Turns out I had selected liquid glass to display. It seems in your screenshot that you had done the same. You need to select solid glass to see the relevant value.

Solar panels simply were not available until I had manufactured enough glass to build one.

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