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Gameplay bugs - Multiple

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Rocket bugs

1 - ( I know this is a known issue but see 1b) Rocket bug, when you build a rocket with Sugar Engine, Rover's Module, and Solo Spacefarer Nosecone and then deconstruct the Solo Spacefarer Nosecone Steel and Diamond are dropped from the deconstruction (not the materials that were used to build it).

1b - Additional Nosecone materials bug - In addition I noticed that deconstructing a Basic Nosecone and Spacefarer module (sorry I did them both at the same time before I noticed the materials on the ground) leaves 600 Kg of diamond and 3400 Kg of Steel. They were both made of cobalt and the Nosecone was made of Cobalt and Ceramic. The Spacefarer Module had items built inside of it which were deconstructed and dropped on the ground as well when the module was deconstructed.

2 - Rocket bug - When you mouseover the launch checklist the tooltip continues to blink in and out constantly.

3 - When you change the quantity of oxidizer it does not generate a duplicant errand unless you deselect and reselect the oxidizer type (for fertilizer at least).

4 - If you put a rocket module on yellow alert and then the rocket launches there does not appear to be a way to remove the alert.

5 - Launching a rocket with a Sugar Engine, Small Oxidizer Tank, Rover's Module, and Basic Nosecone gives a warning that must be acknowledged that some items on the checklist require attention however I cant find a checklist for the rocket when there isn't a module that accommodates a duplicant built (this could be user error, if so then the feedback is that this should be more intuitive).

6 - Rockets that run out of fuel remain on the starmap (this seems like it may be intended but not sure) but also gives an error that a building (all of the rockets modules) have been entombed.

Misc bugs

7 - Critters - Issuing an attack command to a hatched critter inside an incubator doesnt work, no one will come attack it and even when it drops out the attack command is still pending but will not be carried out. You have to cancel the command and reissue it. (only if you issue the command while the hatched critter is in the incubator)

8 - Aero Pot - When you queue building an Aero pot in an invalid location (without an attached tile above) and then build a mesh tile the Aero pot will not update that the building location is valid and must be canceled and the build command queued again. (Once I cured this error once I could not reproduce even with the same types of tile)



Steps to Reproduce

1 - build a spacefarer and nosecone and deconstruct.

2 - Mouseover the launch checklist and observe the tooltip bounce around.

3 - Once an oxidizer module is build and supplied change the quantity, no errand will be queued until you deselect the type of oxidizer and then reselect it (causing it to all fall out)

4 - Put any rocket module on yellow alert and then launch it (then wait patiently as the screen flashes until your rocket returns).

5 -  Build a rocket with a Sugar Engine, Small Oxidizer Tank, Rover's Module, and Basic Nosecone (no modules that have a duplicant) and find the launch checklist (again maybe this is just me being dense).

6 - Build a rocket and let it run out of fuel orbiting a planet.

7 - Hatch multiple critters (sweetles) in incubators and then issue an attack command (while they're hatched but still 'in' the incubator). No attack command is queued, then when they drop out of the incubator they still have the attack icon but no errand queued still. The attacks have to be canceled and re-issued.

8 - I attached a screen shot of this one. I queued a mesh tile to be built and an aero pot. The aero pot correctly noted that it was an invalid location but when the mesh tile was eventually built (curing the invalid location) the pot did not update. The build had to be canceled and requeued. Oddly however when I tried to do this again it updated properly on its own so maybe this is only a first time it happens type of thing.

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