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First pipe packet is ignored by small petroleum engine input

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Build U34-476542-S

I have a small petroleum engine with a pipe that passes through the input port and back to my liquid reservoir. I'm using a liquid meter valve to deliver exactly enough fuel to the rocket to fill it up. The first 10 kg of petroleum to reach the input passes right through without going into the tank. If the pipe ends at the engine input port the first 10 kg does go into the tank.

Current work around is either set the meter to 10 kg over the amount I actually want to put into the rocket or to not have the pipe pass through the input. I have not tested other rocket types or the liquid fuel tank yet.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Build a small petroleum engine
  • build a fuel pipe that passes through the input port on the engine to another input port on any other building
  • send a batch of fuel to the engine through the pipe
  • watch the first 10 kg packet of fuel bypass the engine

User Feedback

Large liquid fuel tank operates as expected, first packet goes into the tank. Tried a different rocket pad and small petroleum engine, and the same thing happened, first packet passes through if it can.

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