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Dupes show starving warning while busy but having access to food

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The game shows a red warning for Starvation if a dupe is busy with a task (such as using the Outhouse) when dropping below starvation threshold. The dupe is on a normal schedule, no yellow or red alert, and the food is available in a Ration Box. As soon as the Outhouse task finished the Starvation warning goes away, as the dupe immediately paths to the food.

Not sure if it is specifically caused by the being-busy-in-activity, or by task congestion of multiple dupes wanting to access the only Ration Box on the map.

This causes frequent spurious Starvation warnings, with the sound cue, which pollutes the player experience and makes actual real warnings such as actual starvation or a dupe being buried in sand or similar, easily go ignored.

I am on version U39-490405-50.

Steps to Reproduce

Make dupe use Outhouse in such a way that they drop into Starvation warning level while in the outhouse, while food is available in a Ration Box.

Preferred outcome, if the dupe is able to queue up food access as their next task, no Starvation warning happens (unless task is long enough that dupe drops below a further lower Starvation threshold). Alternately multiple dupes can be allowed to have withdraw-tasks from the same Ration Box simultaneously, if the issue happens to be congestion.

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User Feedback

IMHO this is not a bug of any kind, been experiencing this one since always, due to the long commutes. Give your dupes 1h of earlier downtime and for most of them problem will dissapear. Consequences of overloading your dupes with work is not a bug. Connecting far ends of your asteroid with transmit tubes system is also a good way of minimising this problem.

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I know what you're talking about but what you are describing is not what is happening here. The dupes have food very close to the outhouse, and as soon as they exit the outhouse they are no longer getting the starving warning as they are easily able to path to the food.

If they are not "far away from food" the moment they step outside the outhouse, they are not "far away from food" while inside the outhouse either, hence this is a bug.

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