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Dupes no longer render clothing or atmo suits after exiting a trailblazer.

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While we've had an issue for a while with atmo suit helmets not rendering after leaving a trailblazer, there appears to have been a regression in this area. When a dupe exits a trailblazer, both the atmo suit and the clothing the dupe has equipped aren't rendered. Their Bio page still shows the clothing as being on their body, and the effect is present. Additionally, the oxygen meter isn't rendering in this state as well.


This issue doesn't appear to specifically be related to a dupe that has a cosmetic outfit applied, I first observed the issue with dupes that didn't have one configured (but i had lots of mods installed and disabled them all to verify the behavior)

Before trailblazer


After trailblazer.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Make rocket with trailblazer

2. Add atmo suit with oxygen, clothing, and dupe with piloting skills.

3. Equip the clothing and suit

4. Launch rocket to orbit.

5. Use trailblazer to get back to the surface.

Observe: Dupe is no longer visibly wearing clothing or atmo suit, but clothing is still in inventory and applying its effect.

This issue is purely cosmetic (the dupe still has suit air, etc, and going through a dock takes it off normally)

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hi, we got a potential fix for this bug but it needs to wait for now, thanks for posting about it, we will keep you updated when we have all the answers in our end.

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