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Dupes insistently try to deliver supplies to out-of-reach planter box

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Dupes are still trying to deliver water and dirt to planter boxes containing Sleet Wheat even though (i) the access door to the room is locked and (ii) a duplicant checkpoint forbids further entrance.

In the attached screenshot you can see both Lindsay and Ada waiting endlessly at the checkpoint to deliver stuff to the planter boxes. I tried moving them out to "reset" the task list and lowering the priority of the planter boxes, to no avail. Reloading the savegame didn't fix it either.

The expected result would be that the duplicants would simply ignore what was inside the locked room and move on with their other priorities.



Steps to Reproduce

Create a room with planter boxes. Make it inaccessible through automation.

User Feedback

I manually disabled the duplicant checkpoint and noticed that Ada and Lindsay immediately delivered stuff to the first planter box on the right, through the locked door and moved on with their lives.

I understand my design was "ugly", but please note that initially I only used the checkpoint to prevent access to the greenhouse, but duplicants were still gathering to complete tasks inside the room they should not have access to. I then created automation to lock the door, which it now seems to have fixed the problem after I removed the last planter box mentioned above.

Even then, I think that there might be a problem on the checkpoint logic, as the duplicants should not be invested in completing a task they should never be able to reach in the first place.

Thank you for the awesome game!


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Checkpoint is only for temporary movement blocking I think. They will try to path there and stop. A locked door does what you want, as you discovered.

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