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Disable Building button for Canister Filler does absolutely nothing

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I was playing in Debug Mode when I noticed a weird behavior of the Canister Filler. Namely, I discovered that the {Disable Building} button for the Canister Filler seems to not do anything. :confused:

I expected it to either (a) prohibit duplicants from taking filled Canisters, or (b) stop the Canister Filler from accepting a gas flow and filling new Canisters. However, neither (a) nor (b) happens. As long as there is a place for duplicants to take/use filled Canisters, they will continue to immediately come to take them after being filled. And the Canister Filler will continue to fill new Canisters.

I had a doubt that this could be because I was using some mods. However, to test this, I disabled 100% of my mods and then started a brand new, vanilla (un-modded) save. I tried this again without mods. And, as you can see from my save game file, this is vanilla behavior. (BTW: I had the Spaced Out DLC enabled.)


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build a Canister Filler, Gas Pump and Canister Emptier.
  2. Connect the Gas Pump to power.
  3. Connect the Gas Pump to the Canister Filler with Gas Pipe.
  4. On the Canister Emptier window, click the {Enable Auto-Bottle} button. (Otherwise, duplicants refuse to take filled Canisters here.) Also, I set Priority to 8.
  5. On the Canister Filler window, click the {Disable Building} button. Also, I set Priority to 8.
  6. Observe: Despite how the Canister Filler has the Disable Building icon and is clearly disabled, new Canisters continue to be filled and duplicants continue to take them to the Canister Emptier as soon as the last Canister is used up.



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