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Dark spots after uncovering the map

Indigo Chi1d
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Hi, guys. I've got a bug from previous versions of ONI. After exploring first asteroid some dark spots are still presents on a map. And i cant build nothing there.

Sorry for that description and for my english also. Please just check the screenshots.

I've tried to attach a saved game, but can't upload files more than 4,88 Mb.



Steps to Reproduce

Oh, i have attached the savegame files, but you need to change an extension to .sav and to .png

User Feedback

The unknown chunks are leftover bits from various gravitas structures. It usually clear when a dupe steps into the structure, but some get missed occasionally. As a workaround, Build a ladder up to the bottom of it and use "move to" on a dupe to move them into it, with their feet in it, and it'll clear. You an also have a dupe fall through it, as well.

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