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Critter Sensor Count Is Unaffected by Eggs Picked Up by Solid Transport Tech

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Observation: Critter sensors continues to count eggs picked up by autosweepers until the eggs have physically left the room/enclosure - essentially outside the critter sensors' "range".

Presumption: Critter count sensor performs its count, globally, based on being in an enclosed room/tank. Therefore, it continues to count critter eggs in a loader/on a rail line INSIDE said room/tank.

Expectation: Critter eggs loaded into conveyor loader building/rail line that is in the same enclosure as a critter sensor should immediately be subtracted from the critter sensor's count.




Steps to Reproduce

1. Use the Critter Sensor to automate auto-sweepers to pick up critter eggs over a certain numerical threshold. Place conveyor loader and line in the middle of the room/tank.

2. Upon exceeding desired threshold, observe sweepers pick up eggs and insert into conveyor loader and transporting eggs one line to desired destination

3.  Observe the critter count. Critter count remains unaffected despite critter eggs having been picked up and traveling on the line. Critter count netted once the critter eggs on shipping line have physically left the room enclosure, outside of critter count sensor range. 


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