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Crash on sending second trail blazer module

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I can send one trail blazer to the magma asteroid, it will land as normal. Trying to send the second causes a client crash. I have tried multiple dupes, different launch orders, moving the rocket and then trying, and rebuilding both modules and trying this again. Did not have this prior to the most recent patch. 


Steps to Reproduce

Send one trail blazer module, then try to send a second. This is on a petro rocket, with three dupes, trying to do a landing on the magma asteroid containing the niobium geyser. 

User Feedback

I have this same issue except I cannot send any trailblazer modules.  I had a rocket with 2 trailblazers on it.  Deploying either module resulted in a crash.  Did not matter what I did.   I was able to get the rockets back to my home planet, but their data got criss-crossed.  Rockets without material storage were showing the storage of other rockets.  I'm hoping a complete rebuild of my rockets will reset the issue, but I'm not certain this will fix the issue.

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