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"Copy" option no longer working for cancelled construction orders

Lucas Stark
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When we select a building, an option to copy it appears on the toolbar:


This option allows us to easily construct a copy of selected building (or - as its tooltip says - "Create new build orders using the current building selection as a template."). The "Copy" button remains active after we've deselected the building, allowing us to construct a copy of last selected building.


The same option is available when selecting a construction order option from the toolbar:


It also used to stick around after cancelling the order. However, since the release update, that is no longer the case:


It was extremely helpful for me when I accidentally cancelled a build order - quite often I want to rotate constructed object with "O", but accidentally press "P" instead. Was that removed on purpose, or is it a bug? I'd love it if you could bring it back.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Select any construction order from the toolbar.

2. Cancel the order by using right mouse button click. After a split-second delay, the "Copy" button disappears.

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