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Comma in the wrong spot of the "calories eaten" statistic for the "Carnivore" achievement in the Colony Summary menu

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

Playing on a 64gb-model Steam Deck running SteamOS 3.4.4 (the latest stable version). Running ONI using the native linux runtime.

The count for the "calories consumed" value of the Carnivore achievement has its comma misplaced. My dupes have only eaten around 27,000kcal of meat, and I assume the 1000 is supposed to mean 100. If you need any more information, I'll try my best to provide it. Thanks Klei team :)



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I did nothing out of the ordinary. Just made a new world and played the game like normal. I've never seen this issue when playing on Windows 10, so I'm wondering if it's OS specific.

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