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Beetas can't consume co2 when game performance dips

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I built a beeta farm complete with co2 vents to put them to sleep when dupes came to harvest. But later on, I noticed that all of my beetas and beetinies were sitting on the floor, not moving. After some confusion, I realized that they were sitting in co2, but not sleeping or consuming it. So even a tiny amount of co2 will just sit there forever, and the beetas will sit in it, doing nothing else until they die. Then the new beetiny will immediately take their place as an insect mannequin. :)

My base spans multiple worlds, and performance has noticeably dipped, so I suspect this is similar to the issue where pufts starve when performance lags.

A tweak to the beeta ai / priorities to at least let them eventually consume some co2 to break free of this endless lockup would be a huge boost.

Steps to Reproduce

1) Load a base with medium performance issues (for example: my dupes pause after actions to 'think', and pipes have a delay after each segment moved).

2) Place beetas in a room with some co2 on the floor.

3) Watch the beetas sit in the co2 forever.

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