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Autosweeper Overfills Conveyor Loader/Smart Storage With Blastshot Ammo

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An auto-sweeper will fill a conveyor loader over its maximum capacity of 1000. (A smart storage will also be overloaded. I didn't test a normal storage). This inevitably has problems when you try to connect a smart storage to the loader. The video shows it happening in sandbox, but I encountered it in the main game. I made sure to disable all of my mods before recording the video. Here is it outlining the issue:

Oni Blastshot Bug

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go into sandbox and create a blastshot maker (This is necessary so the blastshot appears in the conveyor and smart storage list)

2. Create dev pump, set it to petroleum, and connect petroleum to input.

3. Setup power to blastshot maker

4. Spawn dupe to operate blastshot maker

5. While dupe is operating, create the smart storage, conveyor loader, and auto-sweeper and add power. Place one conveyor rail under loader so sweeper will deposit into said loader.

6. After dupe creates one blastshot order, configure the settings on the smart storage and conveyor loader. (I set smart storage to 200kg)

7. Set priority of smart storage to 4 so sweeper will move blastshot into conveyor loader

8. Spawn blastshot with the spawn tool. Keep doing this until you observe that the smart storage and/or conveyor loader keeps getting filled with blastshot past its maximum capacity.

See my video in the description in order to see this bug in action.

User Feedback

This seems like an issue that needs to be fixed. I curious; What happens when you close and restart-reopen the game?

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