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Atmo Suits Give Infinite Oxygen

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So i just realised this when testing out a Spacefarer Module, and I realised this: If a Duplicant Runs out of O2 in a Oxygen Enviroment, once they get near half of their Breath, they remove their Helmet to breath in Oxygen. 

So heres the Bug; 

If a Duplicant breaths with an Atmo Suit in a Oxygen Enviroment while running out of O2, They no longer consume the Oxygen in the enviroment, but still breath something in (Replenishing their lungs) and at the same time, dont produce Co2 if they do run out.





Steps to Reproduce

1) Duplicant in a Oxygen Enviroment

2) make them wear a Atmo suit

3) they now have the ability to breath forever without producing Carbon Dioxide

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