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Achievements GMO A-OK bug

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As far as I know, in the Sweet Dreams update, sleet, nosh sprout and gas grass cannot create mutant seeds but achiements want deleted seed so i can't achieve GMO A-OK

please remove the missing seeds from that list.


Steps to Reproduce

remove the missing seeds from that list.

User Feedback

Hey @wow159

i have just setup my last (gass grass) seed for the gmo a-ok achievement.

While waiting i thought i'd might as well google if i missed anything, and found this post.


I can confirm that nosh and gass grass is mutating.



But, I am playing in the Hermit update, the one after Sweet Dreams.

So not sure if i am talking about the same as you, but.. my 2cents :D

EDIT: updated screenshot and text as i now completed this achievement.

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