You can empty fuel and oxydizer tanks of a rocket that is gone, allowing you to launch rockets for free

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I launched a research rocket to an asteroid 50 000 km away, and I was wondering if i could set the limits of the tanks of that rocket to 0 before it left so it wouldn't refill immediately upon returning. As I was watching the bunker doors open, I noticed my dupes were coming to set the limits, so I told them to stay back using the "move to" command until the rocket actually left, and I saw them emptying the tanks of the entirety of their contents and droping them on the ground, all the while the rocket itself was doing just fine and was still on its way to the asteroid.

Steps to Reproduce
1- Set up a petroleum and oxylite rocket on the surface, right beneath bunker doors. 2- Connect the input of the command capsule, the gantry and the bunker doors to an automation switch. 3- Fill the rocket up so that it can reach a destination. 4- Assign a dupe to the command module and start the launch using the switch. 5- Set the limits of all the tanks of the rocket to 0. (they must be reachable by dupes) 6- Ask any dupe that comes to empty the tanks to stay away using the "move to" command until the rocket engine fires up. Watch as your dupe empty the tanks while the rocket leaves the base, allowing you to get the entirety of the fuel required for the trip back.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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