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Wrong indicator for debris

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Using the Tool "Move debris into storage" normally displays red icons when storage is unavaible.

But this won't happen, if storage is avaible on another planetoid.

But Dupes can't reach storage on other planetoids. So this doesn't makes much sense.

Solution 1: Storage indicator display ignores other planetoids.
Solution 2: An addititional option could be set in settings wether the indicator includes storage from other planetoids.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Have at least two planetoids, for example:
    Planetoid 1
    Planetoid 2
  2. Have debris on planetoid 2.
  3. Have storage for this type of debris only on planetoid 1.
  4. Use "Move debris into storage" on debris in planetoid 2.
    It will display white icons, but it should display red icons, since there is no storage in planetoid 1.


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