Wounded Critters have Duplicant's tooltip on "Severe Wounds" status.

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When a Drecko is wounded, it has the "Severed Wounds" status, but when you hover over that status effect, the tooltip says:

"This Duplicant sustained serious injuries that are impacting their work and well-being. Effects: - Athletics: -9".

It probably is the same way for every other critter type. I didn't test it for any other critter type than a Drecko, though.

Thank you for creating a beautiful game! With regards,


Steps to Reproduce

I let a critter be exposed to radiation by hitting them with a radbolt reflector that reflected 50 radbolts. It lost 20 health, thus reducing its health from 25 to 5. It got the "Severed Wounds" status effect with a wrong tooltip.

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