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When pasting templates, it causes wrong pickable items to be removed

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When I making my mod ,I found the bug:


As shown above,when pasting a template,some pickable items outside the selected cell will be destroyed

Steps to Reproduce

1.create some pickable items as shown by sandbox

2.make a template that have a same shape as shown

3.paste the template and you will see some  pickable items will be removed incorrectly

User Feedback

I found how to fix it in source code.It may help developers:

Change TemplateLoader.cs method BuildPhase1 from


(source code from decompiler) 



I add two minus signs at line 82.

I used dnspy to make sure this change can fix the bug.

In fact this bug is hard to find.It will turn the cells of removing pickups upside down and side to side.Most of the time players don't notice that.But when I was making my mod and use this function , I found the bug.

I am a Chinese and may have some mistakes in English. Please forgive me.

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