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When new items become available, they're auto-added on permissions

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Not a "bug" necessarily but affects gameplay.  When new items are discovered -- in my case, polluted water -- they're auto-added as permitted for storage items.  My bottle emptier was automatically allowed to permit polluted water when it was "unlocked" after a dupe peed on the floor the first time.  Possibly coded the correct way, but makes even micro-management a nightmare trying to realize when a new resource is unlocked then deactivating it for every storage container in the game it's not wanted.

Auto-off would make more sense to the player, since the resource wasn't allowed to be stored in the item prior to it being discovered, so shouldn't be allowed to automatically after finding it too.

Steps to Reproduce
Build bottle emptier before unlocking polluted water (where allowing or disallowing isn't even permitted), have a dupe make a mess. Bottle emptier will automatically let you empty pee into your water source.

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