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When autosaving starts while constructing with mouse a long line of extra objects gets placed

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When mouse-dragging new construction orders, if an autosave occurs during,  extra items get placed in roughly the direction the mouse was travelling and the mouse button is registered as being let-go even if still pressed. 

Happens in every save/new-game, in fullscreen atleast.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Wait until an autosave is nearly about to occur (or force it?)
2. Select something like 'tile' to build,  start dragging a line with the left mouse button held down (where you want to place the line of items)
> When an autosave occurs during step 2 the line of objects to be placed gets extended in a semi-random direction outward of where the mouse was moving
and it registers as the mouse button being released: so extra unwanted objects get placed.

User Feedback

Have experienced the same thing on Linux build.

Personal workaround: pause the game before clicking to modify anything (dig, construct, destruct, etc.).

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Same for me. Usually I want to dig or deconstruct, and end up digging/deconstructing a whole block of things. It seems the cursor position is temporarily reset to 0,0 during the save, messing with the drag behaviour.

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