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Wheezwort do not produce cold (consume 0 vaccum)

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Cooling plant insulated with 20 wheezvorts in 2 lines with hydrogen and radiant pipes.

I want to install autosweepers for phosphorite delivery..

I deconstruct one line of wheezworts to make space for autosweepers.

Rebuild OK. Phosphorite delivery OK.

But wheezworts do not consume any heat anymore (20 of them !).

Message is "Consume vacuum : 0".

Bug ? My cooling plant is totally out of business :-( !!



Steps to Reproduce

I checked previous saves.

I noticed the first line of wheezworts has never been operational.

I could remove 10 wheezworts with 0 impact on cooling (because consuming vacuum=0).

After many deconstructions/reconstructions, I could re-plant a wheez not displaying consuming vacuum=0.

I am sure than then consuming vacuum=0, no heat is destroyed. Temperature will not change in this case.

I really there is a bug or something I do not know about wheezwort's workings.





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