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Visual Door Glitch

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Since the Breath of Fresh Air Update, i've been experiencing this visual glitch.

Whenever a duplicants needs to do any task immediately on the other side of a door, they kinda freeze inplace and the door often doesn't even register that the duplicant wants to go through it.

Here's a video demonstration :

Steps to Reproduce

Have a duplicant try to do a task on the other side of a unlocked door

User Feedback

I seem to have a similar issue. The dupes try to do a task. But despite the door opening they don't go through or it closes on them and they get frozen in place unable to move. Until the next task is triggered

Oh and this is for vanilla with the spaced out dlc active

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from what ive seen, im pretty sure it isnt purely visual. the task theyre performing seems to take much longer than under normal circumstances, for example depositing material for a pipe which should take a couple seconds, ends up taking almost a minute, after which they complete the task and unfreeze

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