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Duplicants with assigned jobs would occasionally take off their hats and head to the jobs board and put them back on. I have no footage of this instance and if anyone could get some for me I would be grateful.

Other bugs include:

  • Duplicant animation rarely freezes when using research stations (only happened once)
  • Duplicants expression changing to a smile as they die (may not be a bug)
  • Flooded buildings staying flooded even when water is at a point where they wouldn't be
  • Duplicants being able to climb and move across newly destroyed resources or tiles and getting stuck
  • Duplicants eating or sleeping underwater rather than moving to safety first (when mess tables and cots are not built or by narcolepsy)
  • Narcoleptic naps being ended by manually moving the duplicant
  • Random freezing happening typically when the window is exited and re-opened (as in minimized)
  • All female hairstyles changing to that of Mae's while in cots
  • Duplicants using the wrong tools for jobs (for example using the scrap gun for digging or delivering)
  • Duplicants heading to the bathroom will most likely read "Relieving Self" rather than "Going to bathroom" or a similar status
  • Construction nuts and bolts from a scrap gun and digging lasers not appearing occasionally
  • After putting the a hat down to sleep in a cot or comfy bed a few frames of the duplicant with the hat still on can be seen when they hop in and out of bed
  • Cool steam geysers creating hydrogen gas (may not be a bug)
  • While eating a food icon may still be displayed above a duplicant's head
  • "No researchers assigned" staying on the alerts after a research assistant is assigned
  • Ugly criers, when about to climb ladders may have the face of a vomiter
  • Sick duplicants on med beds changing from a sick face to a normal green face
  • Injuries never occuring even after a long fall
  • Polluted Water having no surface germs
  • Pufts living in vaccums without dying
  • Hatches and Shine Bugs able to be entombed by tiles and living
  • Mush Bars unable to be put in a ration box


Steps to Reproduce
Many of these bugs happened randomly or always happen to me. The hairstyle bug typically occurs when looking at a faraway area and quickly looking back at the cots. Other bugs described will be a tutorial in and of themselves.

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