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Vacuum tiles created from Endless Dig loop 2nd Planetoid

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Had this issue occur on build from last month, different save. Current build, new game started this week using the Baator worldgen mod.

As on previous game, upon arriving on 2nd planetoid digging tiles results in endless animation loop:

Canceling the animation will leave vacuumed tiles. Trying to build on them results in this:

On Discord someone else responded they had same issue and had to resort to cheat mode. Another suggested evacuating dupes and taking one back. So I tested with my previous save and noticed that gases do not shift with neighboring tiles on second planetoid. Oxygen next to Carbon the amount of gas would remain the same.

Attaching two saves. 1st being on current build with the Baator mod. Second from last month no addons (which I noticed the stale gas tiles)

You only allow 4 meg total, so including a mega link which was 8 meg for the 2 .SAV files.

Steps to Reproduce

Go to 2nd Planetoid dig anywhere, build anything upon them.
Stale gas tile, gases do not shift on 2nd save file from excesseive digging vacumed tiles.

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