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Uranium melting point off by 1000 degrees?

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In game, (unrefined) uranium has a melting point of 132.9 °C. According to Wikipedia, it is supposed to have a melting point of 1132.2 °C (±5° in other sources that I've seen). Is it supposed to be a typo?

The much lower melting point makes uranium an unreasonably versatile material besides nuclear things, for example: liquid uranium has a HUGE thermal-range of nearly 3000° that starts at 132°C, combined with a decent liquid SHC of 1.69. This can be used as the main coolant for any high temperature builds that are too hot for super coolants, available at the beginning of the game (though you would probably access to steel to effectively melt it). You can easily make a rust melter by just heating the liquid uranium with a metal refinery, all without the hassle of melting steel.

Another example (which I have not tested), which is creation from phase change between solid and liquid uranium. Solid uranium has a SHC of 1.00, liquid uranium has a SHC of 1.69. Since the game has a ±3° phase change hysteresis, you gain 4.14 DTU/g or +69% of the energy you put in melting the uranium and freezing it again. That is almost three times more effective than a salt reactor (1.08 DTU/g or ~26% gain). All can be done without the hassle of getting the temperature over 1000 °C, since the uranium melts at 132°C you can heat it with most geysers (or even machines) and run the Steam turbine with maximum efficiency below 200°C without the need of a heat injector.


Steps to Reproduce

Look at the in-game wiki. Mine and melt the uranium with any heat source only to realize that it is too good to be true.

A useless text file is submitted as log just so that I can submit this report.

Screenshot 2022-12-29 001845.png

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