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uprooting and planting.

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when planting, if i decide to change a crop, im no longer able to plant something other than the crop that was removed. It occurs after uprooting only. i have a variety of seeds available to put in its place, however the "plant" button is grayed out.

the only fix i found for it is to save my work and drop to the main menu after uprooting anything. Immediately after the games loads back in, im able to prant any crop in the spot. this happens for all planter/tiles

ive tried this with different map types and worlds. also varified with other commenters in various forums and thought this might need addressing.

also sorry about the live vs preview branch not sure what that meant 

Steps to Reproduce

use any planter/crop tile for me i used, "Farm Tile" plant anything, again for me use "mealwood". after planting is done at any stage from seed to harvest uproot said plant and replace with another after the seed has been removed by a dupe. when the menu becomes available to see all your seeds and quantity displayed underneath select another seed i used "Bristle Blossom" the icon/button for "plant" at the bottom is shown but grayed out and unavailablew to click. This happens to all seeds being replaced with any other type of seed.

As stated i fix it by uprooting everything i want to change out, save, got to main menu, load, and replace with the new/all seed types i have on me being available to plant.

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