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Unpowered pharma chamber unassigns dupes

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

If I assign a dupe to a Pharma chamber(PC) and the PC becomes unpowered, even for a short time, the dupe is unassigned from this PC and I have to assign him again. (v.275206)

Expected behavior would be to keep dupe assigned to that PC until his Health is 100% and then unassign him automatically. Even if pharma chamber becomes unpowered/flooded/entombed, it should resume work and restore its settings.

Steps to Reproduce
Assign a dupe to pharma chamber(PC) => cut power to PC => restore power to PC => dupe is no longer assigned to that PC

User Feedback

Oops, Pharma chamber only heals deseases, not Health ... That's why my dupes are staying at 0% health...

But then why don't dupes get unassigned the second they enter the pharma chamber, as they're disease-free, so the chamber can't do anything for them?


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