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Unplayable after Cosmic Upgrade Freezes/ Locks up

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I've had an issue since the cosmic upgrade where the game starts freezing/ locking up more and more frequently until it's completely unplayable.

The game starts locking up now about cycle 10, and is completely unplayable by cycle 17. I've started a new colony 3 times.

I've turned off debug mode (didn't help), started a new game not in sandbox mode (didn't help), uninstalled and reinstalled the whole game. Before the cosmic upgrade I got to cycle 200+ without an issue.


Sandbox test colony 1.sav

Standard Colony Test 1.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Play game normally. Game locks up seemingly at random, mostly when changing screen overlay or opening jobs board, or just moving the map, so I would thin it's when it's loading info of some type, but once it's started locking up, I've let the game run without touching it, just let the dupes run around automatically, and eventually it will lock up anyway.

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