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Unfinished tasks & dig faults

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The Dupes will continue on certain tasks indefinitely if I don't cancel them. Tasks include mopping,sweeping, digging and building it appears randomly sometimes.

They will not complete digging tasks if a mineral (the ball that appears after digging, that you can sweep up for resources) is on top of it or if there is a plant and when I tell them to sweep/harvest/dig the mineral or plant the task will go on indefinitely too. Sometimes if you ask them to sweep they will and that will solve the problem but some minerals (stuck in holes you just dug out) will stay there and if you try to build tiles over them or sweep the mineral up the dupes just build indefinitely over them.

The first time I played the dupes would be walking over invisible obstacles and one dupe got stuck on top of a mineral ball in the air. 

Steps to Reproduce
I was building my base at the beginning and can't make it effectively due to Dupes doing tasks forever. Dig multiple blocks (3/4Up) The dupes will start at the top sometimes and the mineral will fall on the bottom. The mineral ball may fall on top of a preassigned dig option or into a hole you may want to build tile over. Either way you won't be able to dig or build. Sometimes it is just random

User Feedback

I've encountered the same dig problem 3 times. Those particular squares I can click again do did, though it shows nothing but oxygen or carbon dioxide. In each instance I had material fall in the path of a dig in progress, and that's what triggered the issue.

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