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Unconstructive diggers can't construction dig

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

It appears that dupes with "Unconstructive" trait are completely incapable of taking any part in construction, not just performing the building errand. I happened to have my digger unconstructive, and it completely prevents her from performing "construction dig". It makes any projects on dense materials a chore, since I have to manually request a dig and schedule construction after it's done.


In this case Ada is the only skilled miner on the asteroid. Since she's Unconstructive, she won't perform the dig errand. For reference, both wire and pipe have been supplied with construction material.



By the way, it may or may not be intended, but delivery jobs are similarly obstructed.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Have a dupe:

  • With "Unconstructive" trait
  • With skill points in digging (bonus points if it's your only miner)

2. Request construction on a hard material

3. The resources will be delivered, but this dupe will not be able to dig out the construction zone with "not allowed" errand status.

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