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Ultra Test [Debug Mode]

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When in debug mode [not sandbox] and the game is paused [spacebar] then resumed using CTRL+U to ultra speed [without unpausing first]; there appears to be an issue with Automation continuity - the automation remains paused.


Coal Generator does not acknowledge Smart Battery is depleted.

After unpausing and THEN resuming using CTRL+U the automation immediately continues.

I think the issue here might lie in CTRL+U not unpausing the simulation; Pause [button] is visibly still engaged in the HUD despite the sim visibly running in game.


Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

Hook up a Lead Smart battery to a Copper Coal Generator, Iron Heavy-Watt Wire and Lead Automation Cable. Pause [spacebar] while charging, then resume game using CTRL+U only to full speed. Allow battery to drain with CTRL+U [Ultra Test] enabled; the Coal Generator should continue running whether the battery is Full or Depleted; ignoring automation logic.

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