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UI: Sort order triangles are upside down

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The mnemonic for sort triangles is that the triangle should mirror the items: if the small part of the triangle is on top, then the smaller values should be on top; if the wide part of the triangle is on top, then the larger values should be on top. But the Vitals display gets it backwards.

In other words,

 triangle.jpg (up triangle) means the data goes up

 arrow_down.jpg (down triangle) means the data goes down


(As a separate issue, I feel the sort order for Stress should default to a descending sort since it's more useful to see your most stressed colonists, but that'd be a feature request, not a UI bug.)



Steps to Reproduce
Steps to reproduce: - Click Vitals then click Stress - The triangle next to "Stress" turns orange (which is fine) Observed behavior: - The duplicates are sorted by Stress in *ascending* order - The orange triangle is a *descending sort* triangle (wide vertex at the top, pointy part at the bottom) Expected behavior:  - The orange triangle is an *ascending sort* triangle (wide vertex at the bottom, pointy part at the top)

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