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U43-522820-S - Client crash during game bringup

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Fixed


New games tried: SO, Classical, No Sweat, Survival all four Terra. One old save tried SO, No sweat, Unknown planet type.

Graphics.CopyTexture source and destination have different master texture limits. Source 1, Destination 0

UnityEngine.Graphics:CopyTexture (UnityEngine.Texture,int,int,UnityEngine.Texture,int,int)
rendering.BackWall:Awake () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/rendering/BackWall.cs:74)
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate<UnityEngine.GameObject> (UnityEngine.GameObject,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Quaternion,UnityEngine.Transform)
Util:KInstantiate (UnityEngine.GameObject,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Quaternion,UnityEngine.GameObject,string,bool,int) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/Util.cs:232)
Util:KInstantiate (UnityEngine.GameObject,UnityEngine.GameObject,string) (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/Util.cs:204)
SceneInitializer:PostLoadPrefabs () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SceneInitializer.cs:76)
SaveLoader:LoadFromWorldGen () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:1220)
SaveLoader:OnSpawn () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/game/SaveLoader.cs:148)
KMonoBehaviour:Spawn () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/KMonoBehaviour.cs:295)
KMonoBehaviour:Start () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/Preview_Simgame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/KMonoBehaviour.cs:253)

Build: U43-522820-S



Steps to Reproduce

Attempt to load a new game or an old save file.

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Changed Status to Fixed

There is currently an issue in the public testing build when the Low Resolution Textures setting is enabled. It will be fixed in the next build.

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