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Translationbutton causes crash

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending


since the last update the game always crashes if i use the "Translation"button in the mainmenu.

Has somebody the same problem or know how to solve it?

This is the error

  at UnityEngine.Debug.LogError (System.Object message, UnityEngine.Object context) [0x00000] in <a35d771e78bd4d75a6f3aedeaad4d1ed>:0 
  at Debug.LogError (System.Object obj, UnityEngine.Object context) [0x00000] in <10f9ff94bed345b0844e680764db2f47>:0 
  at DebugUtil.LogErrorArgs (UnityEngine.Object context, System.Object[] objs) [0x00000] in <10f9ff94bed345b0844e680764db2f47>:0 
  at DebugUtil.LogException (UnityEngine.Object context, System.String errorMessage, System.Exception e) [0x00000] in <10f9ff94bed345b0844e680764db2f47>:0 
  at KMonoBehaviour.Spawn () [0x00000] in <10f9ff94bed345b0844e680764db2f47>:0 
  at KMonoBehaviour.Start () [0x00000] in <10f9ff94bed345b0844e680764db2f47>:0 


Steps to Reproduce

Press translation in the mainmenu

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