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(Thermal Update) Steel Door (DO NOT TRANSLATE)

  • Known Issue

When you build any airlock, if you click on it, then again, you'll see a Steel Door (DO NOT TRANSLATE) and if you deconstruct the airlock, there will be 2 blocks left in its place also labeled Steel Door (DO NOT TRANSLATE). You can dig these blocks out, but then you get a new resource listing of Alloy that has 200kg per block of Steel Door (DO NOT TRANSLATE).

Steps to Reproduce
Build either a manual or mechanical airlock. Click on it. Click on it a second time. Steel Door (DO NOT TRANSLATE) will be displayed. Deconstruct the airlock. 2 blocks will be left behind blocking the space.

User Feedback

damn dude you literally posted this a few secs before me, tho i will leave mine as i have included a picture of the invisible steel door

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