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[Thermal Update] Dupes not drowning / not saving themselves from drowning

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I'm not sure if this is a navigation issue.  Two dupes have oxygen at 0.00 but do not die, they just keep jumping back and forth.  They also should have a clear path up the ladder above them.  Could not duplicate issue using earlier save file.

Note:  They did suffocate upon reloading the save file, supernova.sav, but then they had "Injuries: Paralyzing"


2017-03-18 (5).png

2017-03-18 (6).png


Supernova Cycle 8.sav

Supernova Cycle 9.sav

2017-03-18 (8).png

2017-03-18 (7).png

Steps to Reproduce
I was creating an inverted triangle of flooring, dupes may have gotten on the same navigation path.

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