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The game crashes when dupes/auto-sweepers interact certain buildings in certain ways

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While running a colony, occasionally the "black hole" crash report screen will come up. I struggle to get through an in game day without it. Multiple different things cause this. Sometimes I see what happens right before it crashes. One time it was a dupe trying to empty petroleum from a rocket's liquid fuel tank, one time it was an infinite loop I accidentally created with an ice machine and dispenser, and most recently it crashed while clicking on a button to tell a dupe to attack a critter. Sometimes it crashes when I haven't actively done anything and something off screen breaks it.


I have tried to disable as many "problematic" buildings as possible, run on lower settings and speeds, and reload old autosaves but the problem persists.

Steps to Reproduce

The save file is too large to upload. It is an 1,100 cycle base. Sometimes the crash would occur through doing nothing at all, sometimes the crash would occur directly after an action happened. Usually, putting items into a building or taking them out would have been the last thing to happen before the crash. It is difficult to go more than 1 or 2 cycles without it crashing and getting the "black hole" screen.


I have pressed the button in the crash screen to send a save file. After all of my current troubleshooting, I don't know how to reliably replicate it besides just playing the save file normally and doing the same actions listed above that could have broken it, as it seems to happen no matter what I do. Happy to send in the save file through an email. Thank you.

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