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Temperature initialization error

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

When loading the game in a small section the temperature first runs away in the first minute after that it seems normal effects (cooling) apply again.

As this room exist since cycle 500 (current 3258) and has always been used for cooling there is not a single thing that can be 437.4C.

Removing the overheating objects seems to aggravate the problem (the 437.4C was after deconstructing the overheating objects). Leaving them as is and have the duplicates fix them seems to limit the overheat temperature to around 175C.

Update: it seems that part of the heavy watt wire has been initialized with 500C and higher. I will remove all of it and rebuild the room. For now it looks more like a one off which happened around the moment i saved the game. That gave the impression of a returning bug. If it also happens after rebuilding the room I will report it again. For now just ignore this.



temp runaway 03.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Load the save game

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