System Hard Freeze

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My game is hard-crashing the system every so often.  When this happens I can't minimize, move the mouse, or kill the program.

At first, it was happening every few hours, it seemed random.  I would restart my computer, reload the game, and play for a few more hours.  Now it happens within a few seconds of loading the game.

I've tried running "Verify local Files" from Steam, which didn't bring up any errors.

Let me know what other things I should try.  I really enjoyed the game, would like to play some more. :)


Suave Dystopia Cycle 195.sav


Steps to Reproduce
1. Load the save file. 2. Hit "space" to start time. 3. Wait about 10 seconds.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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