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Steam turbine ridiculous heat sink? and temp shift plates gas or liquid only?

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Any tile placed under the fans of the steam turbine will have their heat conducted at a rate of approx 640 including abyssalite. so if you have a tile of abyssalite at 600 Kelvin with in one cycle is the 200kg of abyssalite dropped 37 degrees and the 800kg steam generator gained 105 degrees. but if you place the 600 Kelvin abyssalite beside the steam generator then the normal conduction occurs... but having the abyssalite under the fans does not sink heat into it if it is colder then the steam generator. it appears to use abyssalites conductivity in this case.

I have tested solid, liquid and gas tiles. it seems to ignore the materials conductivity. mostly.


and temp shift plates only conduct heat when in a gas or liquid, they do not conduct through contact with another shift plate. shift plates in a vacuum do not transfer heat  to another shift plate.

Steps to Reproduce
place a tile below the fans at a higher or lower temperature then the steam turbine.
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