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Steam release crash the game

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Exploring i encountered steam, there was 105kgs of steam in each tile and i released it to my basewithout knowing, after it spreaded a bit the game crashed, it's maybe becouse the calculations mixing with the other gasses, the calculation of the visual interaction or just becouse the cycle it maked converting itself to water and falling again to the hot ground converting it to steam. It didn't make a log or crash report. I managed to "solve" it to save my game by mopping the watter every time it was made and saving spastically becouse it crashed every few seconds. Did not attach the saved game since there is no more steam there and no more crashes.

Steps to Reproduce
Just release steam to the base from a really hot area, the preassure of the air in the base (or near where the steam was) was 1.5 kgs of carmon dioxide and a little bit up 1.7kgs of contaminated oxygen, the steam was 105kg.

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