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Steam disappeares in turbines

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I built the geothermal power station and after some cycles I've got a message on overheating of the Thermo Aquatuner inside the station.

After some investigation, I found that turbines use steam, but water from them does not return back; however the animation of water flowing from turbines exists.

I've loaded some old auto-saves, but the bug seems to occur in all of them. Reloading the game also doesn't affect it.

What shall we do with the geothermal power station early in the mornin'?

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build a geothermal power station
  2. Fill with salt water
  3. Run the station
  4. ???
  5. Get the steam disappeared from the station

Shack Cycle 483.sav

User Feedback

I took a quick look at your save. If you're referring to the tamed minor volcano, your right-most steam turbine is extracting hot water instead of injecting it back into the steam room. That's going to cause the steam room to lose steam.


I connected it back to the liquid vent inside the steam room and removed the connection to the pipe that was sending 95C water to your bathrooms, and the geothermal plant looks like it's running more or less okay.

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